Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Little About ME....

I am Canadian and moved to the USA when I married my husband in 2001. I was born in Sarnia, Ontario and grew up there my whole life. I have two children and always joke with friends who tease me about being Canadian, that I am out ranked in my house because I live with three Americans. (Those three being my husband, daughter and son.) I like living here and don't find it any different than Sarnia. There are a couple things that are different though. We as Canadians do pronounce some words a little different, like "out" "pop" "about" etc. We also spell some words a little different, such as "jewellery" "centre" "fibre"etc. We are taught in Canada to speak and spell like the British and also have some French influence as well. My daughter Emily is five years old and I find it humorous when I say some of these "Canadian" words to her, she corrects me with the USA version. I have had some strange looks from her and corrections from Emily for my speech. I find this funny because I am one of the ones who taught her to speak. I guess I haven't had as much influence as I thought. So if you look at my blog and think oh my she can't spell, maybe true but maybe not, depending on which country you grew up in! ha ha ha lol

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