Sunday, September 25, 2011

Owen's 1st ER Visit

Owen was playing with the water in the bird bath and pulled the cement bird bath over on himself.  It landed right on top of him and all I could see of him were his little legs.  It landed right across his forehead and oh my goodness did his head swell.  We rushed to ER to have his head checked out.  Owen had a   Cat Scan which was Negative and we went home.  After the initial pain and shock, Owen was a pretty happy little guy.  He was back to normal in no time,  although his forehead looks awfully bruised and swollen still.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kitchen Remodel - two month mark!

It has been a long hard summer of work, work and more work.  As you may know, my husband and I started a kitchen project mid July and we are just getting the cabinets in now, this is day 2 of cabinet install!  I can hardly wait until they are all in and my kitchen is complete.  I am tired of living out of box's in my kitchen and having to look for everything.  We have never installed cabinets before so it is taking us awhile, but so far so good.  A little tweaking here and there with the cabinets and we are all good.  Hopefully we will have them finished tomorrow so I can call this week for a counter top measurement.  So since last update.......... the stove vent pipe has been removed, old cabinets gone, old lights removed, new lights installed, drywall patched and walls have primer on them. Most cabinets are installed, cabinets on the window wall to come.  Take a look, whatcha think?