Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Journey In Faith Event

Today at my church, we had a Family Journey In Faith event for families with children in kindergarten.  Our church has been doing these events for a couple of years now.  It offers a lot of information on  teaching children about studying God's word.  I have to admit that my family falls short with this very important activity.  I have all the excuses,  "we are so busy and have no time in the evenings",  "I don't know where to start" etc.  We do read bible stories to the kids, several times a week but don't dive in talking about what the word means.  During our event today we were given a wonderful tool to take home and study with.  The Family Reading Bible by Zondervan Bibles.

This bible has 3 "paths" you can follow:
1. short path- perfect for families with tighter schedules or younger kids
2. long path- ideal for dinner time devotions or to read with older kids
3. off the beaten path- follows interesting topics such as the Christmas story or
    just for fun topics like Animals and Birds or Great Escapes.

It also asks relevant questions and fun trivia about the passage read, to help reinforce learning.

I am so excited about diving into this bible with my family.  Thank you to my church for giving this gift to my family.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Emily and I made some chocolate covered pretzel sticks tonight for her kindergarten class snack on Thursday.  Emily's 6th birthday is Thursday so this will be a special treat for the kids.  I had to think of something that would be easy for her to take to school because she takes the bus.  I think they should handle the ride ok.  (fingers crossed)

We melted a bag of milk chocolate chips and then dipped and spread the chocolate over the pretzel sticks.  I left about 1" on the end with no chocolate, so it's not so messy to handle.  Then placed them on a piece of wax paper.

We decorated half with very small m&m's and the other half with sprinkles.  My assistant was the decorator and did a great job!  When finished I placed them in the freezer, just long enough for the chocolate to harden.  Not sure I needed too, but didn't hurt.  And the best part was there are enough extra for us to have some as well.   Mmmmm

Monday, February 21, 2011

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Star Student of the Morning Kindergarten Semester

Joe and I are the proud parents of Keewahdin Elementary School's Star Student of the morning Kindergarten, for this semester.  I arrived home Friday evening to meet my husband at the door with a message saying Emily's teacher had called this afternoon and left a message.  I immediately looked at Emily to see if she gave me the look that said she had been in trouble at school.  I really didn't believe she could have though, because she seems to listen and obey others so well.  (Just not mom and dad so well at times)  Anyways, I listened to the message and her teacher said that she had been chosen for student of the semester and had her picture taken with the principle.  I was so happy and proud of her and made a big fuss.  We also heard from a neighbor, that her name appeared on the local TV station.  I am so proud of her for  doing so well.  This was followed up by her giving me her report card which was also excellent.  Way to go Emily, keep up the great work!!!  Love you

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I "Heart" this Blog

My favorite blog for home craft ideas is Brown Paper Packages.  I find so many cute easy things to make and her taste is so much like mine.  I know it's not fall outside, but I just came across this adorable framed art piece she made.  I feel I need to blog about it so I can come back to this post when I am able to make this piece.  Here it is.........


Owen turns 2!

Owen celebrated his 2nd birthday this past weekend with family and friends.  We spent his actual birthday in Ohio at the water park and had his birthday party when we arrived home.  Some family friends came over for pizza, pop, sponge bob cake and home made chocolate ice cream.  My friend Shelley has an awesome Cuisinart Ice cream maker which she brought over, and the ice cream is so yummy!!  Here are some pictures of Owen's party.

                 Below is Shane, Emily and Abbi modeling Owen's new dress up stuff.