Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Journey In Faith Event

Today at my church, we had a Family Journey In Faith event for families with children in kindergarten.  Our church has been doing these events for a couple of years now.  It offers a lot of information on  teaching children about studying God's word.  I have to admit that my family falls short with this very important activity.  I have all the excuses,  "we are so busy and have no time in the evenings",  "I don't know where to start" etc.  We do read bible stories to the kids, several times a week but don't dive in talking about what the word means.  During our event today we were given a wonderful tool to take home and study with.  The Family Reading Bible by Zondervan Bibles.

This bible has 3 "paths" you can follow:
1. short path- perfect for families with tighter schedules or younger kids
2. long path- ideal for dinner time devotions or to read with older kids
3. off the beaten path- follows interesting topics such as the Christmas story or
    just for fun topics like Animals and Birds or Great Escapes.

It also asks relevant questions and fun trivia about the passage read, to help reinforce learning.

I am so excited about diving into this bible with my family.  Thank you to my church for giving this gift to my family.

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