Sunday, February 6, 2011

Star Student of the Morning Kindergarten Semester

Joe and I are the proud parents of Keewahdin Elementary School's Star Student of the morning Kindergarten, for this semester.  I arrived home Friday evening to meet my husband at the door with a message saying Emily's teacher had called this afternoon and left a message.  I immediately looked at Emily to see if she gave me the look that said she had been in trouble at school.  I really didn't believe she could have though, because she seems to listen and obey others so well.  (Just not mom and dad so well at times)  Anyways, I listened to the message and her teacher said that she had been chosen for student of the semester and had her picture taken with the principle.  I was so happy and proud of her and made a big fuss.  We also heard from a neighbor, that her name appeared on the local TV station.  I am so proud of her for  doing so well.  This was followed up by her giving me her report card which was also excellent.  Way to go Emily, keep up the great work!!!  Love you


  1. Way to go Ms. Em!! Good job.
    Love you.

  2. I just noticed this post...First of all belated congratulations to Emily! Secondly, could this Keewhadin Elementary School be the same Keewahdin Elementary School that I substitute teach at? In Port Huron? If it is, I have subbed in one of the kindergarten classrooms. I wonder if it was Emily's class? (I see so many faces and hear so many names while subbing, it's hard to keep them all straight in my memory!)