Sunday, January 30, 2011

Castaway Bay Vacation

We spent the weekend in Sandusky Ohio at Castaway Bay and had a blast.  For those of you who are not aware, it is a big indoor water park.  They have an arcade room, many little shops, internet cafe, and restaurant.  The indoor water park has an awesome wave pool, a toddler play pool, water slides for all ages, and two other pools for other games and water play.  Three of the tube slides go outside of the building and then back inside,  we didn't use these because Emily was a little too small.  The smaller kids also have some great tube slides though, perfect for me too.  Our family loved this ride best, I'll have to explain it to you.  It was a blow up rubber boat, two people per boat (one in front of the other) it's like your on a water slide.  There was an initial drop (that gets that butterfly feeling in your belly) and than there are water jets that thrusts the boat back up from the drop.  You continue riding through a tube slide, making many twists and turns (some in the dark)  just like a roller coaster.  I do believe that Emily is a roller coaster lover!   The other area we enjoyed was the Hot tub/pool area.  Part of the hot tube/pool was inside and then you could walk in the water down a river and outside you go.  It was very neat being outside in the very warm water.  We had never been in a hot tub outside before.  Anyway enough talking, now I'll share some pictures.

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